Yacht delivery from Newport, RI to West Palm Beach, FL

It looks like we are finally ready to set sails to Florida. A series of negative and sad events plus some bad weather coming up brought some delay on this trip. Now all is set for a departure on Sunday morning.

Newport has been my home for this summer but the winter is about to kick in for real now. I got the first cold of the season and I’ve been missing the sunny, long summer days that makes this place so beautiful. But most important jobs are heading south as well.

Yachts move towards warm weather and sunny days as birds and other migratory specimen do. The hurricane season is close to its end (1st of November according to insurance companies) and the Carribean is attracting all the boats from NE of the United States and the Mediterranean with the promise of sun, white beaches and crystal waters. Another busy winter season, despite the financial crisis.

Same does Paraiso, a 108 ft Sailing Yacht where I’ve been working a lot this summer. Cleaning bilges, washing hull, polishing stainless steel, climbing masts, fixing electrical, mechanical… A lot of work. And now the mission is to sail down the boat to West Palm Beach, FL where she is going to receive her make-up before the Carribean.

With a crew of 5 we are going to sail the distance of 700 nm into the Gulf Stream. She is the biggest and more comfortable sailing yacht I’ve ever been and the trip will take approximately 4 days. Full prepared food, drinks, snack and hot shower will entertain this very hard work.