Liveaboard a self built trimaran

Michele and I share the same dream but follow two very different paths. I chose to refit an old slow monohull. He is building by himself a fast light trimaran. In both cases the vessels have the purpose to provide their owners with just enough comfort to sail the seas and live aboard.

In the warehouse

We were introduced by a common connection and started a conversation online. It’s a great sprint for your motivation when you find  someone with whom discuss your project. Especially when your  dream makes you feel like a weirdo among the people that surround you. That’s why the conversation became so intense and we shared a lot of our ideas and experience about sailing and living aboard.

Sailing has always been in Michele’s family DNA and he made his experience on Optimists, then sailing school. Years of self-taught, lot of sailing with his father on a formula 28 and 36ft catamaran (all self built). Recently he thought to make sailing more than a free time activity getting the necessary licenses and courses and starting to work as skipper for charter boats, deliveries and teaching sailing. And now the trimaran project is taking him to the next level and make him impatient to set sails.

The first pieces made date back to three years ago but it’s just recently that Michele is pushing hard as the project looks closer to an end. The 22ft named “Trimaranga” is taking shape in an empty warehouse in Bologna that his uncle decided to make available for the project. He says it’s about 70% completed but remains cautious about the final date. As we know it’s hard to make plans with boats.

One thing is for sure: both Michele and I like to dream.