Slow progress

 “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Today I feel like the boat beat us. After an entire day spent working we have been able to complete the installation of only 1 porthole. We have 7 more to go. It is so frustrating. We should do better tomorrow, as we learned the process. This achievement was not painless tough, as we had to fight a lot to find the right way to do the job and to work as a team. Sometimes things are not as easy as you imagined.

Drilling new holes for the portholes
Drilling new holes for the portholes

We won great battles so far, like having the deck painted, the steering wheel removed and the enormous battery bank (500lbs in total) out of the boat. We removed and cleaned the head that was sitting on a rotten floor, we got rid of three frozen seacocks. Any of these projects obviously come with a plethora of collateral small jobs, tools to buy and parts to find or restore.

Heavy batteries

Everyday looks different, we have good days where we complete our tasks, and we have bad ones and we are behind our schedule. I guess it’s not different from any other life. There are good and bad days, but you have to keep the pace and go ahead.

Kate sorting out the wood trims
Kate sorting out the wood trims

To keep track of our work and not feel lost in the general execution of the projects Kate created a special binder that summarizes our plan. It’s divided into weeks and so far we planned eight weeks that should take us from the yard to the water. It already looks like they re going to be 16 probably… and that we are about to spend the whole summer on the boat.

Some of the products we use onboard

Tomorrow we will try to speed up and be more effective to complete the job on the portholes and have the deck finally sealed. Same script, we wake up and we do the same journey to the boat, one more day of work and one step more toward the sea.