Life at the boatyard

Time has many meanings and occurrences. This August has been particularly dense for me. My birthday has just passed with a fair amount of celebrations stolen to the boat project. Soon to come 2 years anniversary for me and Kate. And of course  the third month of boatyard with Tranquility, hopefully the last one. In this 40 seconds video you have a glimpse on how is life at the boat yard.


Tranquility is coming back together. The exciting part of the refit is happening with big projects, expensive but necessary.


The replacement of the standing rigging is ongoing. Tranquility is a sailing boat and her means of propulsion (sails) depends on the integrity of the rigging. We found some of the 1×19 stainless wires and fitting stranded or cracked, and we don’t know how old is the rigging. Also the rigger who is helping us found mismatches in the swage terminals both on the mast and chainplates sides.


After some uncertainity about taking sail measurements without old sails and with the rig down we finally place an order for new sails coming from China. We chose Lee Sails following the recommendation of a friend, but also very attracted by the price.  The full battened, 2 reefed mainsail has been ordered along with the roller furling yankee jib and the staysail. A couple of more sails will be added in the inventory from the used market, even if nothing seems to emerge from internet or consignement centers.


Engine repowering

Repowering our electric engine it means new battery bank. We are looking for a 200 ah solution with four 12v AGMs. We are visiting a big distributor in our area to have OEM prices and hoping for some scratched battery that sells for less.

The rest is stuff, some of it helpful and important some of it unnecessary and fancy. We hope to keep a good balance and a frugal attitude while we move forward in designing our boat and our home. It’s not so easy.