Tranquility Voyage: leg 1 Fairhaven MA to Block Island RI

We finally left on Sunday morning, with SE winds picking up. The morning was warm as we passed the hurricane barrier leaving Fairhaven and New Bedford, our home for the past six months. At first we were a bit surprised of the light wind around the end of Buzzards Bay, but soon the wind speed increased up to 15-20 knots and we reached top speed, our knotmeter and GPS agreeing on 6,5 knots. We encountered some rain along the way but the wind never stopped to push us and we completed the 54 miles of the trip in 9 hours. It was dark at 5:30 pm when we finally docked in Champlin’s Marina, completely deserted in this cold time of the year.

© Kate Zidar
Hurrican Barrier © Kate Zidar

Along the trip we started to adapt to our new sailing home, feeling a bit sea sick and adjusting our gear to better performance. The tiller needed a special modification not to lose precious steering angle. We still have to know how the boat behaves, but so far we keep being astonished by Tranquility’s sailing performances: good tracking; easy sail controls and boat handling; almost no spray coming on deck even in 3-5 feet swell.

Roberto was a fundamental addition to our team. His expertise and energy are helping us a lot underway and at the dock where we keep improving the perfomances and habitability of the boat. It feels great to have a competent and personable crew member to share the joy and fatigue of sailing and he is also a great help in Kate’s italian learning process, as we frequently speak italian onboard.

Block Island ©Kate Zidar
Block Island ©Kate Zidar

The weather forecast forced us on a two day stop in Block Island. We spent Monday and part of today fixing things but also enjoying the exploration of the island, a place that sees very few visitors during winter time. We really like the pictoresque island and the locals seems very curious about these crazy people sailing during winter on a small boat. A community of 850 people live year long on the island and you know nothing passes as unseen in this place as we were spotted crossing the south cape pounding into the waves as later somebody reported to us.

Now we are waiting for a good weather window, probably happening later tonight when the wind will decrease and veer to NWN. We are hoping for a good passage to Cape May NJ, aproximately 200 miles away and with the option of closer refuges along the Jersey Shore. You can keep track of our progresses trough our Spot tracking page.

3 thoughts on “Tranquility Voyage: leg 1 Fairhaven MA to Block Island RI”

  1. Great stuff! I like in the beginning, all was great and Kate was all smiles…then on the cut where you got some swell, Kate was hunched over in armadillo position! LOL Keep it going! I see you skipped Cape May…If you make it VA Beach, you will have an awesome Friday with temp in 70s…But, the East Coast is due for a cold front Sunday with temps in the teens! so maybe take a break or keep sailing South for warmer weather? Be safe!

    1. We made it to Norfolk VA. It was a great ride, good weather condition till last night, coming in Chesapeake with 30kts winds, 2 reefs and staysail only, freezing temperature! Boat did great, excellent crew, we are tired and happy! this morning we feasted on cheesy grits and biscuits and gravy. Enjoying the southern food!

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