Adventurous 2014 to y'all


We wish you a great 2014. We are in Dataw Island, SC, our temporary home base to explore the Sea Islands, the Gullah culture and maybe see an alligator. We are also waiting for our new SPOT tracker to be shipped here and taking opportunity to visit family in the area.

Thanks to Ralph for the photo!

6 thoughts on “Adventurous 2014 to y'all”

  1. Happy New Year to both of you too, may it hold all kinds of adventures, good health, and peace. We have friends who live in Dataw….they have a home in Camden, Maine also. Enjoy your time there.



  2. Hi Kate and Fabio, Glad to see you made it to Cousin Rita’s – Bernie and Sue told me Rita lent you a golf cart as well. Have fun exploring the islands and enjoy the warmer weather. It is very cold her! Waiting for the Spot tracker so I can continue my geography lessons!
    Aunt Peggy

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