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Fabio at the beginning of the mutations

This blog follows my erratic journey portraying different themes and landscapes that constantly rewrite my identity.

Starting as an organizational psychologist in northern Italy my life path had a sudden change when I found myself working from the sandy beaches of Archipelago de Los Roques, in Venezuela trying to transform chaos into organization. There I have been exposed for too long to the mutagens of sailing and outdoor life that lead to an irreversible condition: sailing nomadism.

This pathology brought me to many different countries and experiences until an early morning in a bus station in Panama City I met a person who had a prodigious effect in stabilizing my symptomatology: Kate. Today we are married, and share similar mutating patterns.

Together with a new life companion, I found a neglected old plastic boat that required assistance in New Bedford, Massachussets, ‘The city that lit the world’. This third element complicated exponentially the equation that tries to predict my turbulent behavior. Writing this blog is a good way to keep track of it.


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